Sitcom: The Visit

THE VISIT: (7x30min narrative comedy broadcast on BBC 3 AND BBC 1)

As well as writing on the first two series of “Ideal”, I was given a BBC writers bursary to develop scripts at BBC Comedy North in Manchester. This was my moment: I grew a beard and only spoke to people with double-barrelled surnames; eventually, I wrote something: The Visit was a seven part sitcom set almost entirely in the visiting room of a low security comedy prison. It aired on both BBC3 and BBC1, had a great cast and was mainly well received.

“The writing is sharp, the cast seem at ease with their characters and the tone is warm enough to mean this comedy never feels bleak. A quality prospect.”
The Sunday Times

  “Around the simple premise, writer Tony Burgess sets up a series of blink and you’ll miss ‘em one liners, managing to draw soap sized story arcs for his characters with deceptive ease…”  The Times

“Terrific performances and wonderful dialogue make this a weekly appointment worth keeping”  The Scotsman

I learnt a lot working on this, it was a year or more of my life – hard work writing sitcoms, who would have thought. Ha. It got decent reviews though and was nominated for best comedy at the Royal Television Society Awards.