Tony Burgess

Hello, my names Tony Burgess, I’m an award-winning stand-up comedian and writer based in Manchester. I thought I’d put a picture up of me in a ginnel near our house, cos I’m proper northern and that.

 Feel free to have a look round my website – I’ve been a professional stand up comedian for over 25 years but I’ve also written and acted in a couple of sitcoms you might have enjoyed. This next paragraph is for promoters to cut and paste for publicity, so it’s quite formal and a bit braggy:

With his instantly engaging stage persona, Tony Burgess weaves carefully crafted gags into sometimes surreal stories about northern family life, which for over 25 years has proved a hit with crowds on the UK comedy circuit.

great, well crafted gags” The Times

A successful writer, Tony has written sitcoms for BBC 1/BBC 3 and Radio 4; his plays have been staged at The Royal Exchange Studio Theatre in Manchester and he’s written jokes for many big name comedians such as Steve Coogan and John Bishop. Tony also managed to get a writing credit on Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, so even his kids now believe that he’s got a proper job.

“finds the comic and absurd in sometimes difficult situations” The Big Issue

“fantastically rude from start to finish” Student direct

As an actor you may recognise Tony from his role in the Johnny Vegas led BBC3 comedy Ideal where he played DJ Troy, Moz’s crazy, vinyl obsessed brother; or maybe you’ve seen DJ Troy’s latest reincarnation in the recent webseries DJ Troy: The Siege Of Troy.

 **If you want more info, there’s a long downloadable biog here