Stand Up – videos

 July 2017: Muddling through the first bit of an Edinburgh preview at the fantastic Widnes Studio.

This is from a really nice gig in Burscough. Unfortunately all the colours went wrong on the camcorder or when I uploaded it, so I’ve had to change it to black and white. I suppose it looks nicely pretentious, and Burscough’s near Skelmersdale, so yer know, proper made it and that.

A few gags from a BBC 3 TV show in 2005 (blimey):  The colours went wrong on this aswell, so I look a bit like a medieval corpse who’s just been pulled out of a peat bog in Cheshire:

****If you’re a promoter and just want to see my twenty minute club set, here’s a link to  the late show at the mighty Comedy Store in Manchester, it’s from 2013 I think.