Tony Burgess Stand Up – videos

This is from an ace Rob Riley gig up north – a well meaning heckler and a dodgy gag I used to do ages ago:


This is from a great gig in Burscough in about 2011. Having a laugh at the end of the gig about the town – when someone knocked over a perfectly timed bottle.   


This is from a nice club gig in Stoke – a couple of gags after getting heckled at the start.


Clip from my Edinburgh Preview July 2017, about growing up in our catholic family up north.

The show was mainly set around the family table at my mum’s house on Xmas Day 2003. It was all quite festive but slowly becomes less about nostalgia and more about mental illness. I know it’s a bit of an Edinburgh cliché for a stand-up to have tragic bits in their show, but I had to tone mine down to be honest! Ha. I really enjoyed doing this, I think it was quite cathartic. There were lots of gags in it as well!

**If you’re a promoter wanting to book me for a club set, get in touch and I’ll send you a link to a longer 20 minute club set.