Stand Up:

“Always clever often hilarious…..” (The Scotsman)

“One of those really natural comics….fantastically rude from start to finish and has a totally infectious giggle just to ensure everyone keeps laughing….”   (Student Direct.)

“The Clown Prince of Manchester scallies…..” (The Times.)

“A demon set and staggering stage presence…” (The Big Issue.)

“Superb comic with a streetwise swagger”        (Chorlton Web)

“dry as a bone mancunian comic”    (The Scotsman)

“His experiences of the 90’s rave scene were hilarious and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling….”   (Yorkshire Post)

“A fearless comedian who won’t hesitate to challenge and confront an audience while ensuring they love him for doing so…” (Yorkshire Post)

“Hilarious musings on sex, drugs and more drugs….” (The Scotsman)

“With eyes like two piss holes in the snow Tony Burgess looked more dead than alive but his observations were more relevant than ever….”  (The Evening standard) (Thanks fancy London)


Various quotes from reviews of The Visit:

“Tony Burgess’s excellently written comedy is made up of one sharp line after another”  (The Guardian)

“The writing is sharp, the cast seem at ease with their characters and the tone is warm enough to mean this comedy never feels bleak. A quality prospect.”
(The Sunday Times)

“These characters are like the convicts of porridge merged with the Office crew. Where the verbal fun is twisted and irreverent the giggles quickly creep up on you.”  (The Observer.)

“If you like your laughs tinged with the acerbic bite of reality then Tony Burgess’s series should hit the spot.”
(The Observer)

“Around the simple premise, writer Tony Burgess sets up a series of blink and you’ll miss ‘em one liners, managing to draw soap sized story arcs for his characters with deceptive ease…”
(The Times)

“Sharp wit and Knowing characterisations…this looks destined to be another winner for BBC3…”
(The Sunday Telegraph.)