Tony Burgess Stand Up – videos

This is from a really nice gig in Burscough. Unfortunately all the colours distorted on the recording so I’ve had to change it to black and white and go full-on Uncle Fester. I suppose it looks nicely pretentious, and Burscough’s near Skelmersdale, so yer know, proper made it and that.

Clip from my Edinburgh Preview July 2017, about growing up in our catholic family oop north.

The show was mainly set around our family table on Xmas Day 2003. It was all quite festive but slowly becomes less about nostalgia and more about mental illness. I’ve put a couple of the happier clips on here – cos I’m meant to be a comedian.    


**If you’re a promoter wanting to book me for a club set, get in touch and I’ll send you a link to a longer 20 minute club set.